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Bagpipe Lessons

Seeing an individual discover the love and excitement for the pipes in the same way I did when I was just starting out is rewarding beyond belief. That's why I love teaching. My goal isn't just to instruct - it's to inspire the student to want to learn and practice this incredibly challenging art. Without that inspiration, developing as a proficient piper is impossible.

A bit about myself - I have been playing with the 6-time World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band since 2011 and have been fortunately to play with the band at every 'circle' at the Worlds since joining. I am also an Open (Professional) competing solo piper having competed across North America and the United Kingdom. A few of my more significant prizes include winning the Nicol-Brown Invitational in 2015 with a first-place in the Piobaireachd event, winning the Piobaireachd event at the George Sherriff in the same year, and winning the MSR at the 2014 George Sherriff. Here at home, I was awarded the Grade 1 Grand Aggregate in 2015 and went on to win the BC Pipers' Association CPA Piobaireachd in my first 'Open' event. 

I have taught the pipes to hundreds of students of all levels in person, via Skype, in pipe bands, summer schools, and in workshops. I have a particular interest in studying and teaching piobaireachd.

My goal is also to provide relative affordability to my students. Many instructors charge $50-$100/lesson. I promise to provide that same high-level of instruction at a lower cost. Learning the pipes shouldn't have to break the bank. My rates are $40CAD/hour or $25CAD/30minutes.

Check out this video of me performing at the Oregon Pipers' Society in 2017 (Skip to 13:19 for the best part).

Please feel free to contact me for information regarding lessons whether they be via Skype, in person, workshops, by recordings, etc. We can make it happen!



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